Injury Prevention

A Plan. For You.

Elevate Your Body and Mind

At Perform Physiotherapy, we feel that implementing an effective and holistic injury prevention plan is of utmost importance when looking to achieve physical and wellness goals. Not all injuries can be prevented, however, we can help reduce the risk of occurrence across several disciplines, including non-sporting populations.

Injury prevention planning is highly effective in bridging the gap between finishing up rehabilitation and performing to a high/desired standard, whatever that may mean for you.

Sleep, stress, fatigue, recovery, exercise load and mood are all key areas that we assess at Perform Physiotherapy. These factors have shown to significantly increase likelihood of injury in both sporting and non-sporting populations.

We are excited to introduce the first comprehensive physio-led injury prevention service in the North East which can be accessed in person or remotely.

Our Service includes:
• In-depth subjective/objective screening
• Online Wellness Monitoring (daily tracking of sleep, mood, fatigue, soreness)
• Weekly training load management/monitoring
• 2 x zoom calls a month (3 x zoom calls if accessing service remotely)
• 1 in-person physiotherapy session (45-60 min session)
• Individualised injury prevention exercise plan (via Physitrack)

I have been working closely with David for over 14 months. He has been professional while also having a caring, interested, and attentive personality. When I first began to see David, I started on crutches, unable to walk or do regular movements and I thought at the time I would never be able to do any exercise again. Through his effective listening, patience and knowledge he worked on a long-term plan with me and how I could achieve it, not only physically, he also instilled confidence in myself. David has taught me how important it is to train for the right reasons. I have since changed my attitude to looking after my body by not over training myself to the point of injury but focusing on my rest days and how I eat to fuel my training. He has helped me both physically and mentally all while maintaining a friendly nature. I continue to this day to be in correspondence with him for any questions or concerns I have. I cannot praise Davids support, instruction, advice and exercise program enough.


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