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From elite sports to persistent pain and from post-op to posting results

Why Perform Physiotherapy?

At Perform Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves in the delivery of high quality, evidence-based physiotherapy to allow you overcome your pain and rehabilitate from any musculoskeletal injury. We provide a patient-centred approach allowing you to be at the centre of the decision making process.

Furthermore, we provide a holistic approach to every patient. We adopt a Bio-Psycho-Social modelled approach to all our patients’ healthcare here at Perform. We explore areas such as sleep, nutrition, stress and other areas that make up your lifestyle.

We are delighted to collaborate with all major health insurance companies to ensure you receive the highest of care during your recovery.

Where Is Your Pain?

We start with the where, move to the
why and finish on how we can help.

Hip Pain

Diagnosing hip issues at Perform Physiotherapy

Knee Pain

Diagnosing knee discomfort pain at Perform Physiotherapy

Back Pain

Helping you with chronic back pain | Diagnosing and treating all back injuries


Treating shoulder mobility at Perform Physiotherapy

Ankle Pain

Diagnosing ankle pain at Perform Physiotherapy

Quadriceps injuries treated at Perform Physio
Groin problem?
Foot issues? Get in touch.
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Our Hollistic Approach

The Biopsychosocial model was first conceptualised by George Engel in 1977, suggesting that to understand a person’s medical condition it is not simply the biological factors to consider, but also the psychological and social factors.

  • Bio (physiological pathology)
  • Psycho (thoughts, emotions and behaviours such as psychological distress, fear/avoidance beliefs, current coping methods and attribution)
  • Social (socio-economical, socio-environmental, and cultural factors suchs as work issues, family circumstances and benefits/economics)



If you have recently undergone surgery, we would be delighted to assist you in your rehabilitation. We provide expert rehabilitation for a wide range of orthopaedic related surgery including ACL reconstruction & meniscal surgery, spinal surgery, ACDF surgery, total and partial hip and knee replacement, hip arthroscopy/labral repair, hamstring/quad/bicep/rotator cuff tendon repair, achilles tendon repair and many more. We work closely with your surgeon and GP in delivery of care, maintaining regular contact and updates of clinical progress throughout your rehabilitation.

Please contact David at Perform Physiotherapy to discuss whether our specialised post-operative rehabilitation would be suitable for you.
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Sports Physiotherapy

Given our wealth of experience within professional sporting environments, we specialise in both team sport and individual based sports injury and rehabilitation. As sports injury specialists, we see sports injury as a normal experience of any sport participation.

Sports Specialists

We feel at Perform Physiotherapy, that the return to sport largely depends on the quality of rehabilitation delivery as well as the commitment in completing structured rehabilitation programs. We are experts in providing high quality rehabilitation programs from many types of sports injury.



As a progressive and forward-thinking clinic, we are now offering online physiotherapy consultations via skype, zoom and rehab guru. Online physiotherapy has proven to be as effective as in-person consultations for certain musculoskeletal ailments and sports injuries.

What is the difference?

All online consultations follow the exact same format as an in-person consultation. We do not believe in providing a shortened consultation because of technology, in fact, we provide 60 minute consultations to ensure we gather enough history around your injury. This allows us to devise an individualised, structured treatment plan and allows you to start your journey to achieving your goals.

Online physiotherapy can be effective for you if:
  • You are currently limiting your movements due to COVID-19
  • You are extremely busy between juggling work and family commitments
  • You are recovering from surgery and are limited in your mobility/transport
  • Travelling to Dundalk, Co. Louth is currently not an option
  • You are interested in receiving expert advice/ assessment/ rehabilitation